Breaking news reporter for the Staten Island Advance.
Former Graduate Assistant for MolloyLife Media.

Recent Work:



As a journalist, photographer and videographer, my attention is constantly driven towards creating powerful, impactful storytelling.

My experience in journalism has granted me the opportunity to locate and tell stories that I feel are of vital importance, and photography and videography have similarly offered me the chance to tell stories through a different medium. 


My focus and competitiveness make the improvement of these skills to be paramount to me as a student of storytelling.​ Above all, an immovable passion is at the center of everything I do.

Over the past four years, this passion has resulted in two Telly awards for videography, photography published by the Associated press and hundreds of written pieces published in the Staten Island Advance.

I am proficient in using a variety of media equipment and software used in professional fields, including the Sony a7 line of cameras, Sony FS700, Canon DSLR cameras (5DS, 6D, 7D), Canon EOS C100, GoPro Hero, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC.


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